Dr. Melina Abdullah, Cofounder of BLM-LA

Albert Corado knows firsthand how backwards and broken Los Angeles government is. When the LAPD stole the life of Alebrt’s little sister, Mely Corado, they didn’t know what a force they would face. Albert has been one of the most steadfast and outspoken voices in the vision for a completely reimagined Los Angeles, one that begins with meeting human needs – like housing and healthcare – and one where violent policing is no longer viewed as an answer to every societal woe.

— Dr. Abdullah
Adnan Khan, Cofounder and Executive Director of Re: Store Justice

Albert Corado recognizes that the police and carceral state only perpetuate cycles of ongoing harm and inequality in merginalized communities. I know that he’ll fight to defund these systems, to reroute those funds to the actual benefit of the community, and to take seriously the promise of restorative justice.

— Adnan Khan
Gina Viola, Organizer with White People for Black Lives (the LA chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice)

For the last three years, Albert Corado has dedicated his life to seeking justice, not just for his family, but for all families who have been torn apart by senseless police violence. I’m proud to stand with him in his quest for a more just and representative city, and I’m looking forward to our fight ahead to unseat Mitch O’Farrell.

— Gina Viola
Hamid Khan, Community Organizer in Los Angeles

Every budget cycle, every year, the LAPD, and the policing, surveillance, and carceral system which they represent, attempt to expand their reach into our day to day lives. It’s not just an increase in traffic cameras (which are also bad), they literally employ spies to monitor high schoolers for ‘radicalization.’ Albert Corado takes seriously the threat that the police state and its overreach represents for our communities.

— Hamid Khan
Zarinah Williams, Chair of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council

Albert’s campaign simply offers an unwavering perspective and position – a tone necessary to change a city that has spent our most critical years flip-flopping on urgent legislature, too frozen, too afraid, or too bought to respond to our demands for action, and way too eager to use our voices as leverage for special interests,” Williams said. “Albert is clear and his calling is loud, and the city of Los Angeles needs people like him because the city of Los Angeles is made up of people like him.

— Zarinah Williams
Maebe A. Girl, Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilmember and Candidate for California’s 28th Congressional District

Albert Corado would fight full-heartedly for marginalized communities in Los Angeles if elected to CD13. Black and Brown communities face disproportionate rates of traumatizing interactions with the LAPD and LA Sheriffs, and our enormous unhoused community is vastly overrepresented by Black and Transgender people. Unlike Mitch O’Farrell, Albert would lead with compassion,  not criminalization, for our unhoused and otherwise marginalized communities.

— Maebe A. Girl
Shervin Aazami is a public health activist and Candidate for California’s 30th Congressional District

Al’s campaign is centered on reimagining public safety by working to abolish our carceral systems of punishment and militarized police state. He’s a powerful speaker who fights for his hometown with his heart and soul, with a vision of establishing strong communities where everyone’s basic needs are met – from housing to healthcare to clean air and water. That’s the kind of leadership we need in our city – where the focus, intent, and direct action is based on empowering the people and dismantling institutional racism.

— Shervin Aazami